The purpose of this bot is to improve literature citations and ISBNs. The first task is to add hyphens to ISBNs.

Diary breyta

January 5, 2009: Bot flag restored by Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason.

January 2, 2009: LA2-bot starts to add interwiki links.

July, 2008: My bot flag is removed due to inactivity.

October 8, 2007: Username registered. Bot status requested and received. The work to make prettier ISBNs only touches 144 pages and is soon completed. To achieve this diff, the following command was used with pywikipediabot:

 python -putthrottle:30 -always -lang:is "-summary:Bot: prettier ISBN" \
    "-page:Halldór Laxness" \
    "ISBN 997921306X" "ISBN 9979-2-1306-X"