Munur á milli breytinga „Wikipedia:Potturinn“

There is a [[:de:Wikipedia Diskussion:Kurier#.E2.80.9ENiemand braucht freies Wissen auf Esperanto.E2.80.9C|current discussion]] on German Wikipedia on a decision of Asaf Bartov, Head of WMF Grants and Global South Partnerships, Wikimedia Foundation, who rejected a request for funding a proposal from wikipedians from eowiki one year ago with the explanation ''[[:meta:Grants_talk:PEG/KuboF_-_Esperanto_kaj_Libera_Scio/WikiTrans_training_and_work_session_2013#An_Esperanto_Wikipedia_does_not_advance_our_mission|the existence, cultivation, and growth of the Esperanto Wikipedia does not advance our educational mission. No one needs free knowledge in Esperanto]]''. On meta there has also started a discussion about that decision. --[[Notandi:Holder|Holder]] ([[Notandaspjall:Holder|spjall]]) 5. maí 2014 kl. 10:06 (UTC)
== Ambassadors ==
Hi, I am currently translating lists of all Islandic ambassadors from [[:en:Ambassador of Iceland to Germany|English]] into [[:nl:Lijst van IJslandse ambassadeurs in Duitsland|Dutch]], [[:de:Liste der isländischen Botschafter in Deutschland|German]], [[:da:Islands ambassadører i Tyskland|Danish]] and [[:fy:List fan Yslânske ambassadeurs yn Argentynje|West Frisian]]. If you want, I can also translate them into Icelandic, however I want to check with the community first. Let me know if these lists are welcome yes or no. Sincerely, [[Notandi:Taketa|Taketa]] ([[Notandaspjall:Taketa|spjall]]) 5. maí 2014 kl. 21:50 (UTC)