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Creates a location map as a composite image of an existing map in equirectangular projection with a marker and an optional label superimposed onto it. Note:

  • Using "caption=xxx" frames the map (empty "caption=" leaves map unframed).
  • The marker/label is not checked for valid latitude/longitude & could land anywhere on the article page, even beyond the bottom.
  • To suppress the marker, set marksize=1 pixel wide.
  • For map "width=250" omit "px" or map will stretch across page.
  • To place multiple markers/labels, refer below to: See also.
  • To map along converging longitudes, refer to: Template:Location_map_skew.


{{Location map
 |label      = ''label text''
 |label_size = map font size, per cent
 |alt        = [[WP:ALT|Alt text]] for image (defaults to generic description)
 |position   = left ''or'' right ''or'' top ''or'' bottom ''or'' none – 
                position of the label relative to the mark, defaults to ''right''
 |background = ''color'', background color for the label, defaults to none 
 |lon_dir=W    longitude: W=west, E=east (default)
 |lat_dir=S    latitude: S=south, N=north (default)
 |lat_deg    = ''latitude'' degrees
 |lat_min    = ''latitude'' minutes
 |lat_sec    = ''latitude'' seconds
 |lon_deg    = ''longitude'' degrees
 |lon_min    = ''longitude'' minutes
 |lon_sec    = ''longitude'' seconds
 |lat        = ''latitude'' (decimal format; enter negative numbers for southern latitude)
 |long       = ''longitude'' (decimal format; enter negative numbers for western longitude)
 |mark       = ''marker image file name'', a red dot by default
 |marksize   = ''marker size'', default=8
 |border     = ''border color'' or ''none''
 |caption    = ''map caption''; for no caption enter "caption="; if the parameter is omitted then the caption will be "Marker text (location map name)"
 |float      = left ''or'' right ''or'' center ''or'' none
 |width      = ''map width'' (omit "px" or will stretch across page)
 |AlternativeMap = Alternative map file name (changes background map, border coordinates are determined based on the map name); this is only recommended for use in templates

Parameter location refers to {Template:Location map location} containing the name and coordinates of a map.

Available mapsBreyta

See Special:PrefixIndex/Template:Location_map_.

See also Category:Location map templates (currently very incomplete, but useful for some subcategories).

Creating new mapsBreyta

  1. Find an appropriate blank map in equirectangular projection.
  2. Create a template named Template:Location map location (copy the content of any other map template into it and enter appropriate values).


Map with the default caption (degrees/minutes)Breyta

Reykjavík is on Ísland
Reykjavík (Ísland)
{{Location map
 |Ísland | label=Reykjavík
 |alt=Reykjavík is on Ísland.
 |mark=<!--dot-->Green pog.svg
 |lon_dir=W |lon_deg=21|lon_min=56

Map with the default caption (coordinates decimal)Breyta

Pag is on an island
Pag (Króatía)
{{Location map | Króatía
 |alt=Pag is on an island
 |lat= <!--decimal form--> 44.44
 |width= <!--smaller--> 200

Marker/Label outside of MapBreyta

Rubicon is in Italy
Rubicon (Króatía)

{{Location map | Króatía
 |alt=Rubicon is in Italy (outside the map)
 |long=<!--outside map-->11.05

Map with a custom caption and text backgroundBreyta

Imotski is in Króatía.
Imotski in Króatía
{{Location map
 |alt=Imotski is in Króatía.
 |caption=Imotski in Króatía

Map with enlarged marker and labelBreyta

Pag is on an island.
Pag Island in Króatía
{{Location map
 |alt=Pag is on an island
 |caption=Pag Island in Króatía

Map with no captionBreyta

Brčko is in northeast Bosnía og Hersegóvína.
{{Location map
 |Bosnía og Hersegóvína
 |alt=Brčko is in far northeast Bosnía og Hersegóvína.

Alternative style of mapBreyta

Lockerbie is in southern Skotland.
Lockerbie in Skotland
{{Location map
 |label=Lockerbie  | marksize=9
 |alt=Lockerbie is in southern Skotland.
 |lat_dir=N | lat_deg=55 | lat_min=07
            | lat_sec=16
 |lon_dir=W | lon_deg=03 | lon_min=21
            | lon_sec=19
 |caption=Lockerbie in Skotland

Country that crosses 180° meridianBreyta

Uelen is on the far easternmost tip of Rússland.
Uelen (Rússland)
{{Location map
 |label=Uelen  | marksize=7
 |alt=Uelen is on the far easternmost tip of Rússland.

All ParametersBreyta

Parameter Default Description
alt= empty alt text for map; see WP:ALT
AlternativeMap= Location map {1}|image [[image: {}]]
background=   background-color: {};
border= #CCCCCC border: {};
float=   float: {}; clear: {};
label= {PAGENAME}  
lat= 0  
lat_deg= 0  
lat_min= 0  
lat_sec= 0  
long= 0  
lon_deg= 0  
lon_min= 0  
lon_sec= 0  
mark= Red pog.svg [[Image: {}]]
marksize= 8 [[Image: {}px]]
font-size: {}px;
position= right  
width= 240 image: {}px
width: ({}+2)px;

See alsoBreyta