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Ekkert breytingarágrip
Ekkert breytingarágrip
Why do you deleted the ''Velkomin'' template? PS I'm a girl, so it may be ''Saill'': many Italian names that finishes in ''a'' are of a girl :) -- [[Notandi:Marina|Marina]] <small>([[Notandaspjall:Marina|msg]])</small> 29. apríl 2008 kl. 14:41 (UTC)
:: Salve!, Di que nazionalitá é Italia? (lo parlo un po', I'll say english) Answer of your question is I learend in Korean Wikipedia just like this (When I get first "Welcome templet) : "If you be feel compotable to using Wikipedia, then you delete ''Velkomin(in korean'환영합니다')''" :-) I had not any bad intention. ^^; Because My Icelandic is so little bit, so I did not understand how I can manage about "Velkomin tempalte" in Icelandic Wiki. ^^
::And, When I saw your user name, I thought maybe you are a female, but for a conviction, I need more clueclues ^^;;; then I write '''Sail/(l)'''^^; I know one who Italan women in korea, She's name also Christin"a". '''Once again thank you for your kindness :)!'''
::'''PS''' I have one question, I saw your user page, and I knew you living in '''Firenze'''(I really love this city, Lorenzo il Manafico!); I know Toscan dialect is General Italian language, then, one question, Can you understand anouther dialects such as : campano, siciliano, or veneto? I am interested in dialectology, I really want to know that.
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