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ekkert breytingarágrip
Ekkert breytingarágrip
Ekkert breytingarágrip
::Thank you for your friendly answer. ^_^ (your correction too.) I'm not a sysop in Korean Wikipedia. I'm just one of users. I just now watching CNN's "my city, my life": this week's topic is Florence. It's very beautiful. Especially, scarlet roofs! good. You live in very gorgeous city. I envy you. ^^; You mentioned '''Uffizi''', So I could remembered story about Uffizi gallery and Arno river, that my art history teacher said to me.''(I'm a university student, 21year's old male, my major is film, history, and International relations, I attended class of art of renaissance in 2006.)'' : 1966's big flood. Is there no more flood? It is so sorrowful thing: ruin of art. I want to go to Italia, but matter for regret, I must to join the army few days later. Because South Korea establish a conscription system. I prepare trip to Europe, 2years later, when I be discharge from military service. That time comes to me, And I really go to Uffizi.
::PS, Sometime you get a chance visit South Korea, having fun. ^_^ So many funny things in here.--[[Kerfissíða:Framlög notanda/|]] 4. maí 2008 kl. 09:43 (UTC)
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