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Merki: Breyting tekin til baka
| 55 / 69
| Italian. Initiated an alliance of European Christian powers to partake in the war with the Ottoman Empire known as [[Long War (1591–1606)|The Long War]] (1595). Convened the [[Congregatio de Auxiliis]] which addressed doctrinal disputes between the [[Dominican Order|Dominicans]] and [[Society of Jesus|Jesuits]] regarding free will and divine grace.<ref name="Blunt1874">{{cite book|author=John Henry Blunt|authorlink=John Henry Blunt|title=Dictionary of Sects, Heresies, Ecclesiastical Parties, and Schools of Religious Thought|chapter-url=|accessdate=11 August 2012|year=1874|publisher=Rivingtons|pages=234–240|chapter=Jansenists}}</ref>
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==== 18th century ====
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| 243<br>[[File:C o a Clemente XI.svg|40px]]
| [[Papal conclave, 1700|23 November 1700]] –<br>19 March 1721<br>{{small|({{Age in years and days|1700|11|23|1721|03|19}})}}<br>{{small|({{Age in days|1700|11|23|1721|03|19}})}}
| [[File:Clement XI.jpg|80px]]
| '''[[Pope Clement XI|Clement XI]]'''<br>{{small|Papa '''CLEMENS''' Undecimus}}
| Giovanni Francesco Albani
| 23 July 1649 Urbino, Marche, Papal States
| 51 / 71
| Italian. The [[Chinese Rites controversy|"Chinese Rites" controversy]]. Patronized the first archaeological excavations in the [[Roman catacombs]] and made the feast of the [[Immaculate Conception]] universal.<ref name="Papal Timeline"/>
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| 244<br>[[File:C o a Innocenzo XIII.svg|40px]]
| [[Papal conclave, 1721|8 May 1721]] –<br>7 March 1724<br>{{small|({{Age in years and days|1721|05|08|1724|03|07}})}}<br>{{small|({{Age in days|1721|05|08|1724|03|07}})}}
| '''[[Pope Innocent XIII|Innocent XIII]]'''<br>{{small|Papa '''INNOCENTIVS''' Tertius Decimus}}
| Michelangelo dei [[Conti]]
| 13 May 1655 Poli, Lazio, Papal States
| 65 / 68
| Italian. Prohibited the [[Jesuits]] from prosecuting their mission in [[China]] ordering that no new members should be received into the order. Issued the papal bull ''[[Apostolici Ministerii]]'' (1724) to revive ecclesiastical discipline in [[Spain]].
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| 245<br>[[File:C o a Benedetto XIII.svg|40px]]
| [[Papal conclave, 1724|29 May 1724]] –<br>21 February 1730<br>{{small|({{Age in years and days|1724|05|29|1730|02|21}})}}<br>{{small|({{Age in days|1724|05|29|1730|02|21}})}}
| [[File:Benedetto XIII.jpg|80px]]
| [[Servant of God|S.D.]] '''[[Pope Benedict XIII|Benedict XIII]]'''<br>{{small|Papa '''BENEDICTVS''' Tertius Decimus}}
| Pietro Francesco [[Orsini]], [[Dominican Order|O.P.]]
| 2 February 1649 Gravina in Puglia, [[Bari]], [[Kingdom of Naples]]
| 75 / 81
| Italian. Member of the [[Dominican Order]]; third and last member of the [[Orsini family]] to be pope. Originally called Benedict XIV due to the [[Antipope Benedict XIII|antipope]] but reverted to XIII. Repealed the worldwide [[tobacco]] smoking ban set by [[Urban VII]] and [[Urban VIII]].
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| 246<br>[[File:C o a Clemente XII.svg|40px]]
| [[Papal conclave, 1730|12 July 1730]] –<br>6 February 1740<br>{{small|({{Age in years and days|1730|07|12|1740|02|06}})}}<br>{{small|({{Age in days|1730|07|12|1740|02|06}})}}
| [[File:Pope Clement XII, portrait.jpg|80px]]
| '''[[Pope Clement XII|Clement XII]]'''<br>{{small|Papa '''CLEMENS''' Duodecimus}}
| Lorenzo [[Corsini]], [[Secular Franciscan Order|O.F.S]]
| 7 April 1652 [[Florence]], [[Grand Duchy of Tuscany]]
| 78 / 87
| Motto: {{lang|la|Dabis discernere inter malum et bonum}} {{small|("You shall deign to distinguish between good and evil")}}<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Pope Clement XII (1730–1740)|publisher=GCatholic|accessdate=14 August 2014}}</ref>
Italian. Completed the new façade of the [[Archbasilica of Saint John Lateran]] (1735). Commissioned the [[Trevi Fountain]] in Rome (1732). Condemned [[Freemasonry]] in ''[[In eminenti apostolatus]]'' (1738). Last pope to be elected at an old age until Pope [[Benedict XVI]] in 2005.
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| 247<br>[[File:C o a Benedetto XIV.svg|40px]]
| [[Papal conclave, 1740|17 August 1740]] –<br>3 May 1758<br>{{small|({{Age in years and days|1740|08|17|1758|05|03}})}}<br>{{small|({{Age in days|1740|08|17|1758|05|03}})}}
| [[File:Pierre Subleyras Portrait of Benedict XIV 1746. Metropolitan Museum of Art.jpg|80px]]
| '''[[Pope Benedict XIV|Benedict XIV]]'''<br>{{small|Papa '''BENEDICTVS''' Quartus Decimus}}
| Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini
| 31 March 1675 [[Bologna]], [[Papal States]]
| 65 / 83
| Motto: {{lang|la|Curabuntur omnes}} {{small|("All will be healed")}}<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Pope Benedict XIV (1740–1758)|publisher=GCatholic|accessdate=14 August 2014}}</ref>
Italian. Reformed the education of [[priests]] and the [[Calendar of Saints|calendar of feasts]]. Completed the [[Trevi Fountain]] and affirmed the teachings of [[Thomas Aquinas]]; founded academies of art, religion and science.
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| 248<br>[[File:C o a Clemente XIII.svg|40px]]
| [[Papal conclave, 1758|6 July 1758]] –<br>2 February 1769<br>{{small|({{Age in years and days|1758|07|06|1769|02|02}})}}<br>{{small|({{Age in days|1758|07|06|1769|02|02}})}}
| [[File:ClementXIII.jpeg|80px]]
| '''[[Pope Clement XIII|Clement XIII]]'''<br>{{small|Papa '''CLEMENS''' Tertius Decimus}}
| Carlo della Torre di Rezzonico
| 7 March 1693 Venice, [[Republic of Venice]]
| 65 / 75
| Italian. Provided the famous fig leaves on nude male statues in the Vatican. Defended the [[Society of Jesus]] in ''"[[Apostolicum pascendi]]"'' (1765).
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| 249<br>[[File:C o a Clemente XIV.svg|40px]]
| [[Papal conclave, 1769|19 May 1769]] –<br>22 September 1774<br>{{small|({{Age in years and days|1769|05|19|1774|09|22}})}}<br>{{small|({{Age in days|1769|05|19|1774|09|22}})}}
| [[File:Portrait du pape Clément XIV Ganganelli.jpg|80px]]
| '''[[Pope Clement XIV|Clement XIV]]'''<br>{{small|Papa '''CLEMENS''' Quartus Decimus}}
| Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Ganganelli, [[Conventual Franciscans|O.F.M. Conv.]]
| 31 October 1705 [[Sant'Arcangelo di Romagna|Sant'<br>Arcangelo di Romagna]], [[Papal States]]
| 63 / 68
| Italian. Member of the [[Conventual Franciscans|Conventual Franciscan Order]]. Suppressed the [[Society of Jesus]] in the brief ''"[[Dominus ac Redemptor]]"'' (1773).
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| 250<br>[[File:C o a Pio VI.svg|40px]]
| [[Papal conclave, 1774–75|15 February 1775]] –<br>29 August 1799<br>{{small|({{Age in years and days|1775|02|15|1799|08|29}})}}<br>{{small|({{Age in days|1775|02|15|1799|08|29}})}}
| [[File:Popepiusvi.jpg|80px]]
| '''[[Pope Pius VI|Pius VI]]'''<br>{{small|Papa '''PIVS''' Sextus}}
| Count Giovanni Angelo Braschi
| 25 December 1717 Cesena, Emilia-Romagna, Papal States
| 57 / 81
| Motto: {{lang|la|Floret in domo domini}} {{small|("It blossoms in the house of God")}}<ref>{{cite web|title=The Wind was too Strong|url=|publisher=Rome Art Lover|accessdate=12 February 2014}}</ref>
Italian. Condemned the [[French Revolution]]; expelled from the Papal States by French troops from 1798 until his death. The last pope to be a patron of [[Renaissance]] art.
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| interregnum=yes
| 29 August 1799 –<br>14 March 1800<br>{{small|({{Age in years and days|1799|08|29|1800|03|14}})}}<br>{{small|({{Age in days|1799|08|29|1800|03|14}})}}
| Six-month [[Papal conclave, 1799-1800|period]] without a valid pope elected. This was due to unique logistical problems (the old pope died a prisoner and the conclave was in Venice) and a deadlock among cardinals voting.
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