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Merki: Breyting tekin til baka
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=== 3rd millennium ===
==== 21st century ====
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|265<br/>[[File:BXVI CoA like gfx PioM.svg|40px|alt=Coat of arms of Pope Benedict XVI]]
| [[Papal conclave, 2005|19 April 2005]] –<br />28 February 2013<br/>{{small|({{age in years and days|2005|4|19|2013|2|28}})}}<br/>{{small|({{age in days|2005|4|19|2013|2|28}})}}
|[[File:Benedicto XVI, 2011.jpg|80px|alt=Photograph of Pope Benedict XVI]]
| '''[[Pope Benedict XVI|Benedict XVI]]'''<br/>{{small|Papa '''BENEDICTVS''' Decimus Sextus}}
| Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger
| {{birth date and age|df=yes|1927|4|16}} [[Marktl am Inn]], Bavaria, [[Germany]]
|78 / 85
| Motto: {{lang|la|Cooperatores Veritatis}} {{small|("Cooperators of the truth")}}
German. Still alive. Oldest to become pope since [[Clement XII]] (1730). Elevated the [[Tridentine Mass]] to a more prominent position and promoted the use of [[Latin]]; re-introduced several disused papal garments. Established the [[Personal ordinariate|Anglican Ordinariate]] (2009). First pope to [[Papal renunciation|renounce the papacy]] on his own initiative since [[Celestine V]] (1294),<ref>{{cite news | url= | title=Benedict, the placeholder pope who leaves a battered, weakened church | work=The Guardian | date=11 February 2013 | accessdate=12 February 2013 | author=Brown, Andrew}}</ref> retaining regnal name with title of [[Pope Emeritus]].<ref>{{cite news|last1=Pianigiani|first1=Gaia|last2=Povoledo|first2=Elisabetta|title=Benedict XVI to Keep His Name and Become Pope Emeritus|work=The New York Times|date=27 February 2013|url=}}</ref>
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| 266<br/>[[File:Insigne Francisci.svg|40px|alt=Coat of arms of Pope Francis]]
| [[Papal conclave, 2013|13 March 2013]] –<br />present<br>{{small|({{age in years and days|2013|3|13}})}}<br>{{small|({{age in days|2013|3|13}})}}
| [[File:Franciscus in 2015.jpg|80px|alt=Photograph of Pope Francis]]
| '''[[Pope Francis|Francis]]'''<br/>{{small|Papa '''FRANCISCVS'''}}
| Jorge Mario Bergoglio, [[Society of Jesus|S.J.]]
| {{birth date and age|df=yes|1936|12|17}} [[Flores, Buenos Aires]], [[Argentina]]
| 76
| Motto: {{lang|la|Miserando atque Eligendo}} {{small|("Lowly but chosen", literally 'by having mercy, by choosing him')}}<ref>{{cite news|last1=Scarisbrick|first1=Veronica|title=Pope Francis : "Miserando atque eligendo"...|url=|accessdate=10 May 2015|work=Vatican Radio|agency=Vatican Radio|publisher=The Holy See|date=22 March 2013}}</ref>
Argentinian. First pope to be born outside Europe since [[Pope Gregory III|Gregory III]] (731–741) and the first from the Americas; first pope from the Southern Hemisphere. First pope from a [[Catholic religious order|religious institute]] since [[Gregory XVI]] (1831–1846); first [[Society of Jesus|Jesuit]] pope. First to use a new and non-composed regnal name since [[Pope Lando|Lando]] (913–914). First pope to visit and hold papal mass in the [[Arabian Peninsula]].
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