ekkert breytingarágrip
Hi, I am Steinbach from [[Holland|the Netherlands]]. Mainly active on the [[:nl:|Dutch]] and [[:li:|Limburgic]] Wikipedias. I was born in [[Dordrecht]] (a city the size of Reykjavík, about which the Icelandic Wikipedia has a really nice article), but currently live in [[Bunnik]] near [[Utrecht]].
I don't speak Icelandic - not yet. It is a compelling archaic language and I'm sure I will learn it some day. But I have been saying that for more than a decade now and these plan have never materialised. It's just - too - difficult. Not the grammar but the vocabulary. I'm probably just one of those foreigners at is.wikipedia anyway, who are attracted to your land of trolls, Vikings, football and quality pop and come bothering you with compliments in English about how great your country and your culture are...