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Hy, I'm [[w:ro:Utilizator:Firilacroco|Firilacroco]] and this is my '''interwiki''' bot. It is using '''PyWikipedia''' software.
I speak '''only Romanian, English and FranchFrench'''. If there are any problems write me in my talk page from [[w:ro:Utilizator:Firilacroco|Romanian Wikipedia]].
--[[w:ro:Utilizator:Firilacroco|'''<small><span style="background:#008b00;color:#c1ffc1">&nbsp;Firilă</span><span style="background:#c1ffc1;color:#008b00">croco&nbsp;</span></small>''']] <sup>[[w:ro:Discuţie_Utilizator:Firilacroco|Mesage]]</sup>